“What you boys seen was a SWAMP LILY…Reminds me of the prettiest girl I ever kissed.”

- Old time Canoe Rental Man on the Wascissa River in North Florida, when asked about a fair and fearsome flower growing deep in the swamp swamp lillies (5)(1)

The Swamp Lilies are a New Orleans roots music stringband that will knock your socks off with their old-time Appalachian fiddle tunes, Cajun waltzes, and murder ballads. And you need new socks.

            The brainchild of high school pals Nathan Harrison (band leader) and Derek Roguski (band member emeritus), the SWAMP LILIES express their own take on Appalachian oldtime, Cajun, country and blues music.  Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, the SWAMP LILIES embrace the concept of ‘creole’ as a way of life and an approach to music.  Their influences range from Tommy Jarrell to Canray Fontenot,  from Delta blues to 2nd line brass.

            Lovers and residents of New Orleans for a composite 45 years,  the band members play a combined twenty-some instruments, one being a saw and several being banjos.  The band members bring together their diverse musical passions and training to form a lovable band of goofballs with bad jokes and beautiful music, and will remind you of the prettiest girl you ever kissed.